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I started this blog at this particular time after years of ingesting social media. Along the way, I have viewed with a growing alarm how information was being processed by so many friends.  To say I understand it all would be extremely far-fetched.  But I hope some observations and thoughts will spur others to seek new information and move the general conversation forward.

To help me understand, and place myself within the context of America, I’ll share, from time to time, a few personal stories about my parents and siblings, as well as my own life, as it intersected with history.  The diversity of people I grew up with gives me confidence in the fundamental good heartedness of virtually everyone in my reckoning: we are all the heroes of our own stories! How our world has become so filled with vitriol and isolation, and what we can do about it, will the center of concern in the blog.

I’ll also be proposing a new political movement: Radical Centrism!  It’s a movement for the Post Truth era, using a dynamic mixture of useful conservative and liberal ideas, as well as a healthy respect for (but not mindless obeisance to) existing long term institutions, including our democratic norms. As opposed to just tearing everything down, which now seems the vogue in many democratic societies, this movement wants to discern what’s best and most authentic and see if ties can be forged across political divisions. Stay tuned for my RC blogs.

Hope you enjoy, comment, share, repost and everything else you can do to help this become an animated, but respectful conversation.


  1. I will feel free to comment liberally and can’t wait to read more 👍👍



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