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Can We Talk?

“Can we talk?” was originally propounded by Joan Rivers as humorous/confidential alert, with the certainty that the answer would be “Yes.” In the context of the first age of the internet the question becomes more urgent and admits the answer might well be “No.”

What the Russians Did Very Well

Above: Just one of the many Russian fake news stories (this one about a pedophile sex ring involved with the Clintons and run out of a pizza shop in Washington D.C.) that found traction on social media, including being reposted by many of my neighbors!  The story of what the Russians actually accomplished in the 2016 ...

The Loudmouth in the Bar

Remember Archie Bunker, a television avatar who became not a laughing stock, but a symbol of resistance for the common man. There’s a fascination with a loudmouth know-it-all in a bar.  He’s the guy who treats the world like the male to male competition among certain species of birds or other animals: instead of beaks, ...